3 Ways to Preserve Office Equipment

When is the last time you were forced to call your printer company to place an order for printer equipment because something broke down? It happens to companies far too often. The office manager gets a notice from a co-worker informing them that they need a new monitor or that one of the printers has died and it needs to be replaced. A call is placed to the printer company and more money is spent. While it’s understandable to have some normal wear and tear on your office equipment, there are ways to preserve them and keep them running efficiently despite the everyday use. Copier Supply Store is an online retailer of discount printer and copier parts, and we have the following tips to preserve your printer, copier machine, and other office equipment.

  1. Keep Printers and Other Devices Covered

 When not in use, place a cover on anything that is in danger of being damaged. Printers, copiers and other office equipment can be susceptible to being damaged from moisture. Especially in the case of machines that are near windows, it’s best to keep a cover on it to ensure its durability.

  1. Clean Office Equipment Weekly

 Dust and dirt can easily gather in printers and ruin print jobs. To protect your printer, use a can of compressed air to remove the dust particles that gather in the machines.

  1. Schedule Regular Maintenance Service 

Think about how often your printers are being used. Printers and fax machines are in use on an hourly basis. Like anything that is running for an extended period of time, these machines can break down without warning. It’s important to schedule regular maintenance to catch problems before they may potentially derail an office’s work day.

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