Glossary of Printing Terms

There are many products associated with printing and copying. Fortunately, Copier Supply Store has broken down some of the most commonly used printing terms to help you create a better understanding.

ADF – Stands for Automatic Document Feeder. This is used to move paper in and out of a scanner.

Alignment – Orientation regarding the edges of the paper’s column. Can be aligned right, aligned left, and aligned on center.

Clutch – A piece of a unit that is used to engage or disengage a roller.

Coated Paper – Paper with coating of a substance to improve reflectivity and ink holdout. Mills produces coated paper in three major categories of surface shine: gloss, dull, and matte

Drive Assembly – The unit that enables paper feeds and paper path components in your printer.

Firmware – Software embedded into a chip which controls the devices of the printer and helps it run smoother.

Gamut – The range of colors your Copier Supply Store device can use.

Grain – The direction in which the fibers of the paper align.

Manual Feed Tray – The tray used to feed special or uncommonly used media, such as letterhead paper, labels, or transparencies.

Offset Printing – Printing technique that transfers ink from a plate then to a blanket, and then to paper, instead of directly from a plate to paper.

Toner – A fine powder used in laser printers and photocopiers that is bonded to the paper.

USB – Universal Serial Bus, the most popular connection between computers and devices such as cameras, scanners, and printers. Supported by most major operating systems.

Waste Toner – Toner left over from previous print job; may have impurities and should keep separate from good toner.

Scanner – A device that scans an image so it can be reproduced on the computer

At Copier Supply Store, you can find more information and printing terms, along with any copier and printing supplies you may need.

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