What is 3D Printing and How Does it Work

Copier Supply Store feels as if the 3D printing world came out of nowhere and has taken the printing market by storm, demanding all of the attention. 3D printers even look like something out of the future, but they are not in the future, they are here and are already serving as fundamental tools for many enterprises. 3D printing machines use an additive process to create functional objects from digital files such as toys, tools, or replacement parts. The 3D printing possibilities are truly endless and their versatile extruders can lay out intricate designs for use in many different scenarios. 3D printing has revolutionized the printing market and can make a huge impact on many different industries. The suppliers of 3D printer filament know that you are probably wondering what exactly is 3D printing and how does it work?

How does 3D printing work:

3D printing begins with a digital designer who creates the blue print for the project. The 3D printer will then use the digital design as a guide. The 3D printer machine then pushes molten plastic or other material through and extruder and layer until the object takes shape. Once the project is complete, the designer can remove the finished prototype from the build plate and clean up.

The building process can take many hours, no matter the style of 3D printer you use. The speed of printing also relies on the size and complexity of the print. Some models use honeycomb patterns to fill the interior of the print, which does not require nearly as much 3D printer filament and will increase the overall print speed.

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