5 Ways to Know Your Copier Needs More Toner

There are some easy ways to tell when your copier needs more toner. First of all, most machines have built-in alerts that will alert you when they are running low on toner or they need to replace the drum unit. Second, you will also notice that the print quality has deteriorated. A tell-tale sign is the fading of the color of the ink fades. Third, you may also see unwanted lines appear. Fourth, you may see streaks on your prints. Fifth, you may notice that entire areas of your prints are missing altogether. All of these signs are strong indicators that it is time for you to refill the toner. It is very important that you respond quickly because continuing to print on an empty print cartridge can damage the printer head. Replacing the printer head can be quite expensive.

When you replace your toner, you may also want to stock up on supplies so that you have backups immediately available. If you print frequently, you can easily run out of toner. You will not be able to print or copy documents with good quality without enough high quality toner.

A Copier Supply representative will help you in finding the right toner for your machine and to place your order. We can also assist you in finding other copier parts or copier supplies if needed. You can also search through our site using the manufacturer name and product type.

We always save your order for the future so you can easily restock supplies at a moment’s notice. When you need to replenish copier supplies, just give us a call. You can place your order in minutes and be on your way.

With the Copier Supply Store, you’ll enjoy highly competitive volume pricing, speedy shipping and excellent quality. Visit our website to place your order or give us a call at 866-939-2244 to discuss what you need. You can also email us at customerservice@copiersupplystore.com.

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