Bizhub Fuser Assemblies

BizHub fuser assemblies are important parts in multifunction printers and copy machines today. We offer a wide selection of name brand printer and copier supplies at the Copier Supply Store whether you are looking for BizHub fuser assemblies or BizHub transfer belts. We have two warehouses that are stocked with all the necessary parts for name brand copy machines and printers.

Since the Copier Supply Store is a wholesaler, our prices are significantly discounted from retai consumer prices. Our warehouses are stocked and ready to go. We ship same day for most products and deliveries typically reach customers within two to three business days of placing their orders. We make replenishing printer and copier supplies easy and convenient. At the Copier Supply Store, we make your order process hassle-free and quick. Our prices are very competitive and we offer significant discounts on name brands. Call us directly at 866-939-2244 or email us at with any questions.

The fuser assembly is an integral part in the internal production process of laser printers and copy machines. All the parts work together to create gorgeous documents. The laser printer places toner on electrostatic images on the drum by pulling up toner contained in the toner hopper using a developer unit. A developer unit is made up of small, negatively charged magnetic beads that are connected to a rotating metal roller. The roller pushes the beads forward through the toner contained in the toner hopper.

Then the developer beads attract the positively charged toner particles as they pass through. The roller follows through by brushing the beads past the drum assembly. The electrostatic image possesses a stronger negative charge than the developer beads and the drum ends up pulling the toner particles away.

When the drum moves over the paper, it grabs the toner while the paper is being discharged by a corona wire. To keep the toner on the page, heat must be applied via a fuser roller. The unit containing the fuser roller is the fuser assembly. When you need to replace your next BizHub fuser assembly, turn to the Copier Supply Store.

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