Always Change the Blade when Swapping Your Drum Unit

Today we have laser printers that produce large volumes of beautiful high quality documents quickly and conveniently. Laser printing relies upon ink cartridges and drum units to produce high quality documents. Drum cleaning blades can often become worn out or damaged before toner supplies run out. They can also break down after you have replaced a cartridge or drum unit, preventing the proper functioning of the machine. It is important to therefore change the blade when you swap out your drum unit.

Most printers have built-in alerts that remind you when they are running low on toner or need to replace the drum unit. You will also see that the print quality has deteriorated. The color of the ink fades. Sometimes, you may also see unwanted lines appear on the paper. All of these signs are strong indicators that it is time for you to change the drum unit and replace the toner. It is important to respond quickly because continuing to print on an empty print cartridge will damage the printer head, which is quite expensive to replace.

Changing drum units and replacing blades is actually much easier than it sounds. The important part is to order the right parts that are compatible with your machine. It is always advisable to have one or two extra printer drum units and blades on hand if you use your printer a lot to prevent obstacles or delays.

You can replace the drum or imaging unit without refilling toner. However, it is advisable to restock both supplies as you can easily run out of toner and you will not be able to print or copy documents with good quality without enough high quality toner.

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