The Business Card Dilemma

Once the staple of business identification, the question that many professionals now ask themselves is whether they should continue to print business cards. It’s a valid question when you take into consideration how individuals now often introduce themselves via social media. However, to answer the debate of having a business card versus not having a business card, the answer is a resounding yes, you should absolutely use printed business cards!

It’s an interesting debate, but one that should only be entertained to a certain degree. Business cards are still widely appreciated and respected across the business world. While it’s true that social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become a networking ground for industry professionals, a business card will always have a lasting impact on an individual and their brand.

Personal Touch Matters

Much like a handwritten note, business cards can reveal much about a person’s personality. It is for this reason that companies pay top dollar to have graphic artists design customized business cards to represent the company’s brand accurately. How often are business professionals attending networking events and conferences, and end up writing their name and contact information on torn pieces of paper? What would that say about them? Business cards show that an individual is prepared, has a goal, and wants to be taken seriously. The color scheme, font and logo aren’t just attributes to a design, they’re a manifestation of a brand’s identity.

Marketing That Makes Sense

Not only are individuals looking for ways to market their brand, but they’re looking to obtain conversions from their marketing. Business cards remain an effective, valuable marketing tool for attracting prospective clients. You never know when and where you might meet someone that would be interested in your services. Having a business card at the ready helps to strengthen the power of your sales pitch. Imagine being in a traffic accident and a suited man gets out of a nearby car and offers his services as an attorney without a business card to hand over. Regardless of the industry or services offered, business cards are always going to be a helpful way to solidify the identity of an individual or organization, and they are an integral part of running a company and having employees. Your top executives should all have printed business cards. You can even create your own, print them in-house when you are going to have a meeting, and not have to sacrifice printing materials to do so.



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