Copier Contract or No Contract?

A common question that business owners and managers have is, “Should I get a copier contract or not?” The answer depends upon what your business needs.

Copier Contracts

Many companies sign up for a copier contract because they consume a large volume of printer supplies. They sign up with a supplier who will send them toner cartridges and sometimes also pick up used cartridges and recycle them. Some businesses work with a supplier who also rents or leases them the copier and provides all cartridges.
On average, a business may pay between $100 and $250 a month to lease a multifunction copy machine. Copier contracts for rentals range from 1 to 12 months. Rentals can vary and are usually for a shorter term but cost more. Renting a copier makes sense when you have a one-time project. You are usually renting a used copier machine. Most companies lease instead of renting their machines and have 24 or 36-month leases. Some companies ask for longer leases in order to lower monthly payments.

Pros and Cons:
Having a copier contract for a machine and/or supplier to provide you with regular toner and copier supplies enables you to keep your copier supplied regularly and removes the hassles of managing it yourself. However, contracts vary greatly by company and once you sign a copier contract, it is very difficult to get out of it. Breaking a copier contract has restrictions. Whether your company cannot pay the monthly rate or you find the whole process not working for you, you will find getting out of a copier lease to be quite difficult.

You are also limited to the kind of copier and copier supplies you use. Most copier contracts have auto-renewals so it is important that if you have signed one, that you pay attention and exit out during the period of opportunity before your renewal kicks in. Another important thing is to keep your maintenance contract separate from the copy machine. Some businesses have been stuck with copiers that they don’t want or don’t even work simply because they signed an agreement for service maintenance that exceeded the working copier.

No Copier Contracts:
You can also buy a copier and avoid the entire contract process. For companies that make less than 700 copies a month, you probably do not need a leasing contract. Suitable machines include an all-in-one copier that prints, copies, scans and faxes. These are usually desktop machines. Choose a laser copier to cut cost as laser printer pages cost 6 cents a page on average as compared to inkjet at 20 cents a page.

Pros and Cons:
When you own your machine and do not have a copier contract, you are not tied to strict contracts. You can upgrade your machine at any time.

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