Copier parts vs. copier consumables items. Mechanical parts vs supplies we constantly need to replenish

Copy machines have both mechanical parts and consumable parts. Toner is an example of a consumable part. It is a copier supply that gets consumed when you use the copy machine. Toner needs to be replaced fairly often depending upon your printer and copier usage.

On the other hand, mechanical parts include cleaning blades, fuser rollers or lamps. They also need to be replaced but periodically only when they are worn out, break or stop functioning properly. For example, when your machine has enough toner but is not printing properly, you may want to check your drum unit. Replacing the drum unit can often fix many print quality issues. All of these copier parts have a limited service life.

Most maintenance and replacement repairs can be accomplished by a person who possesses basic mechanical skills and common sense. He or she will need to review the instructions that come with the machine and have a Phillips Head screwdriver or similar, a smaller screwdriver with a thin blade and small pair of pliers.

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