Copier Supply Store Offers Faster Shipping

We’re excited to offer all of our customers faster shipping times for all copier supplies in 2014. The Copier Supply Store has opened two new warehouses in Jacksonsville, FL and in Texas. Our warehouses enable us to stock our product in house in large quantities. This cuts down significantly on shipping and delivery times as we’ve become a one-stop shop and eliminated the need for third-party shipments that many other suppliers rely on.

Buying copier supplies through the Copier Supply Store offers you both competitive pricing and fast shipment to your doorstep. We carry OEM and compatible cartridges and toners. When you buy from the manufacturer, you end up paying high consumer prices. Cartridges are often not filled to capacity and you will need several repeat orders that cost quite a bit and take a while to reach you unless you pay extra for expedited shipping.

With the Copier Supply Store, we offer you discounted volume pricing, fast shipping and excellent quality. You don’t have to rack up big bills in shipping nor wait for a long period to receive your supplies.

When you need to replenish copier supplies, give us a call. A Copier Supply team member will assist you in placing your order. We save your order for the future, making it easy to refill supplies quickly. You can also search through our website for any items you need or hop on the chat to talk to a customer representative.

Avoid paying high consumer prices or waiting for a long period when you order from the manufacturer. Instead, enjoy speedy shipment and large savings when you buy through the Copier Supply Store where we offer discounted prices.

Visit our website to place your order or give us a call at 866-939-2244 to discuss what you need. You can also email us at We look forward to taking your order.

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