From Copier Touch Screen Assemblies to Fuser Assemblies and Supplies

Most offices today are equipped with multifunction color copy machines and printers. These machines have touch screens for ease of use and convenient pre-programming for specific functions. These touch screens like other printer and copier parts, do wear out over time. They can become damaged and hard to read, losing touch functionality. Simple mistakes can also lead to breaking touch screens. Instead of replacing the entire machine as these machines are large and expensive, it makes more sense to simply replace the only necessary part. When you are in need of a new copier touch screen assembly or other printer and copier supplies, turn to Copier Supply Store for high quality name brand products at discounted prices.

Have you wondered why paper that comes out of the printer is warm? The paper is warm because it was in contact with the fuser unit, a pair of heated rollers in the printer that fuse toner onto the paper. As the paper passes through an imaging drum inside the printer, toner particles are attracted to the paper. However, in order for the toner to stick to the paper, the toner has to be melted into the paper’s fibers through heat and pressure. When the paper passes through the fuser assembly, the toner sticks and then you have printed paper that comes out on to an output tray.

The entire apparatus is necessary for printing. The fuser assembly has to be replaced periodically because of printer wear and tear such as the accumulation of dust particles on to the fuser. When you see unexpected lines appearing on your pages, you know right away that you need a new fuser. You can purchase individual fuser assembly parts through our store. We offer both compatible and OEM products. At Copier Supply Store, some of our frequently requested products include the 4030R70200 Fuser Assembly,4040R71000 Fuser Assembly, 4049513 Fuser Assembly, 65JE-5300 Fuser Assembly and A00JR72155 Fuser Assembly.

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