Generic toner vs. Genuine Toner

What the heck is toner, anyway? Toner is a powdery substance made from coloring and plastic and  comes in a plastic canister, made specifically for certain sizes or types of office machines. They use plastic with the pigment in making the toner because it melts as the paper is passed through the copier or the printer and gives you a sharp, durable image on any media you are using. There are two different kinds of toner you can buy for your machines:  Generic is made by someone other than the manufacturer, and genuine or OEM is only made by the manufacturer.

Why is one generic and one genuine? A compatible or generic toner cartridge is a cartridge that will work with your model of printer or copier, but has not been made by the same manufacturer as the printer. Compatible cartridges often do not go through the same quality assurance tests as genuine toner cartridges.

What’s the difference in price? The price difference for the generic toner vs. genuine toner is substantial. Generic is always cheaper than OEM. The reason is that an aftermarket company produced a cheaper quality product than the manufacturer. If you buy it from a reputable company, the chances are you will be able to replace your toner for a fraction of the cost of genuine toner.

How does generic toner perform versus genuine toner? Will it give me the same number of pages that a genuine toner will? Yes, generic toner will give you the same number of pages that genuine toner will, plus or minus 5%. Sometimes a generic toner cartridge will even give you more prints out of one full toner cartridge than the genuine or OEM toner, and the generic printing is pretty long lasting. It might fade a little faster than the genuine toner, so it depends on what print jobs you have to do whether you should use the generic or not.

Will it give me the same high quality printing if I use generic toner? Yes, compatible products will give you the same high quality printing as an OEM.

Does the CopierSupplyStore have the kind of compatible toner or OEM that I need? Absolutely, they stock more than 8,000 units of product from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and thousands of compatible products that are more affordable than OEM products. This makes the Copier Supply Store one of the largest, most comprehensive printer supply companies in the USA.

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