How do I know when I should replace my drum unit?

The drum unit is a vital part of  your copy machine. You need a functioning drum unit to create high quality images and documents.

The drum unit transfers the toner to the paper. Your laser printer places toner on a roller called the photosensitive drum inside the drum unit. Toner attaches to the paper by applying heat and pressure, creating images and letters.

Drum units wear out over time. Sometimes they also make break or perform erratically. When you use unwanted lines appearing all over your prints, you know that your drum unit needs to be replaced.

You’ll want to replace the drum unit when you notice the printer producing blurry images. You may also see black or colored toner spots on printouts or horizontal lines across prints. Images and text appear faded when the drum unit is faulty or needs to be replaced. When the drum unit has failed completely, the entire printout will be blank.

Print yields vary by the type of drum unit but on average, a drum unit offers 20,000 pages at 5 percent yield. Toners can vary from 4 to 7,000 pages. Some machines have one unified part containing the toner and drum unit simultaneously. For others, you have to replace just the necessary part as needed.

Several machines today offer automatic messages when the drum unit quality deteriorates.
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