How Print Shops Save Money – In 3 Steps

You may be wondering how print shops save money. Below we have 3 steps that print shops do in order to save money for the long term. Take a look.

#1 Service Their Own Machines

Print shops that save money manage and service their own machines. The cost of repairing machines even for small items can be quite expensive as service technicians charge fees that include overhead and travel time as well as an hourly rate minimum per visit. If you run a print shop, it is advisable to have a plan in action for servicing your own machines. This will entail having staff on board that are knowledgeable about both preventive maintenance and how to act when a problem arises. It is also advisable that you train all of your staff in the basics so anyone within your organization will know how to replace toner cartridges, fix paper jams and address common problems that occur.

#2 Keeps Toner and Supplies off a Copier Lease

Saving money while running your print shop efficiently and professionally requires some forethought. For example, if you get a copier lease, you are tied in to requirements from that lease that include often buying toner and supplies from the manufacturer at retail consumer prices. This can cost significantly more per cartridge and supply unit, leading to a huge price increase. Skip paying the extra dollars by keeping your toner and supplies of your copier lease if you have one. This time it helps to read the fine print and ask enough questions so you keep your options open and are not tied in to expensive contract terms.

#3 Buy Supplies from Outlet Stores

Finally, the third step in saving money while running your print shop for the long term involves buying your print and copy supplies from an outlet store where you can get supplies in volume and at significant discounts. At the Copier Supply Store, we carry toner cartridges and other supplies necessary for your print and copier machines.

We are able to offer our customers significant discounts. We will assist you in replacing your toner supplies whether you need to replace one color alone or are stocking up on supplies. The Copier Supply Store has a huge inventory in stock at our two warehouses. We can ship out orders immediately or the next day.

Save money and avoid paying high consumer prices when you buy from the manufacturer directly. At the Copier Supply Store, you can benefit from wholesale pricing with large savings. We also make it easy to restock supplies at the Copier Supply Store when you need it by saving your order for future reference. Place your order by visiting our website, calling us at 866-939-2244 or emailing us at

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