How to Maintain Your Copy Machine

Your copy machine enables you to copy and print documents and images quickly and in large quantities. Professional copy machines can cost quite a bit and their repair and maintenance can be fairly expensive. By following some regular maintenance, you can avoid machine breakdowns, keep your copy machine functioning well and save money in the long run.

Use good quality copy paper as that minimizes paper debris and shavings. This in turn will decrease the amount of effort required to maintain the machines internally. Make sure you only put in paper that is perfectly dry and clean. Load the paper in the machine properly. Avoid forcing or jamming the paper tray or feeder.

It is also advisable to clean the copier glass periodically with a non-abrasive cloth that is dampened with a glass cleaner. Avoid spraying cleaner right on the glass. Also remove any paper clips and staples when you scan documents to avoid scratching the glass.
Regularly clean the machine to keep it free of dust. You can use a thin paintbrush to clean inside the machine such as paper trays. You can clean the dust in cartridge area or from the ink nozzles by using a cotton swab that is slightly damp with water or isopropyl alcohol.

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