Commercial Printers Make Money Using These 3 Methods

Diversify! That’s not just some saying you hear in reruns of the film Wall Street or read in chapters of investment books by Suze Orman; it’s a helpful strategy used to create alternate revenue streams. Diversifying your income guarantees that you’ll make more money, and it also guarantees long-term business survival. If one service loses demand, the other will keep generating income. Put those discount toner cartridges to good use and diversify your services!

Copier Supply Store has a few methods that commercial printers use to make money:

Print Business Cards

Depending on your print medium, it might be easier to get into the business card printing business. Sell in bulk and advertise in the local business outlets. Create quality cards with discount toner cartridges and you’ll make even more money.

Print Labels

Labels are also a simple, alternate form of revenue for commercial printers. If you can create same day turn around for local companies; you might find more than a few of them knocking on your door to have postage labels printed for their large mailing lists. Commercial printers can make money by doing small projects in hopes of them turning into an entire print campaign. In order to make sure that your commercial printing business is stepping its game up, shop online for discount printer parts, supplies, toner cartridges, and everything else you need to keep your commercial printing business functioning, without breaking the bank.

Print T Shirts

Spend more than a few minutes browsing the internet and you’ll come across at least one ad for custom t-shirts and jackets. Sure, fabric printing may not be as simple for a commercial printing business to take on like the previous methods, but it can be a very profitable investment when done right and with the right fabric printing supplies.

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