HP Wide Format Inks and Dyes

When you want to print high-impact prints, HP wide format inks and dyes do the trick. HP wide format inks and dyes take the guesswork out of producing high quality, high impact prints consistently.

At the Copier Supply Store, we stock a variety of HP printing supplies including traditional water-based inks as well as innovative HP latex inks. We also provide related HP printing supplies to ensure that you have everything you need to create outstanding print quality in your printed documents and imagery. This enables you to focus on creating the best content for your print output as the print process itself is trouble-free and easy, low maintenance.

For wide format printing, HP offers 3 options – thermal inkjet inks, dye-based inks and hp latex inks. HP thermal inkjet inks use water as the primary ink vehicle. Dye-based inks contain color to provide vivid coloring. HP latex Inks contain synthetic latex polymers and colored pigments dispersed into an ink vehicle that is usually water. HP scitex lX series industrial printers and HP Designjet l series large format printers typically include 6 color inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta.

You can create exceptional quality with HP large format printers, HP dyes and printing materials. HP also offers an easy ‘paper presets’.

When you need to replenish your HP wide format inks and dyes, turn to the Copier Supply Store as we stock these supplies for a wide spectrum of HP machines and we are able to offer our customers significant discounts.

We will assist you in replacing your HP ink and dye supplies whether you need to replace one color alone or are stocking up on supplies. The Copier Supply Store has a huge inventory in stock at our two warehouses, which means that we can ship out orders immediately or the next day.

We also make it easy to restock supplies at the Copier Supply Store when you need it by saving your order for future reference. Avoid paying high consumer prices when you buy from the manufacturer directly. At the Copier Supply Store, you can benefit from wholesale pricing with large savings.

We are available to discuss your specific office supply needs. Place your order by visiting our website, calling us at 866-939-2244 or visit us online at HP Wide Format Ink

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