OEM versus Compatible Supplies

Toner cartridges supply printers with toner, a special kind of ink that laser printers use. The cartridge itself is made of plastic and contains toner powder, carbon and coloring agents. When the toner cartridge is inserted into the printer, the ingredients transfer over to paper and fuse on to the paper as heated rollers run over them.

Toner cartridges for your copier come in essentially four types: OEM cartridges, compatible toner cartridges, remanufactured cartridges and refilled cartridges. Depending upon the cartridge purchased, the price can vary significantly. At Copier Supply Store, we buy copier parts from all major manufacturers in volume and offer wholesale prices, saving you money significantly. We offer all major brands and all types of toner supplies at at discounted prices.

What’s an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Toner Cartridge?
An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridge is a toner cartridge made for the copier by the copier manufacturer. It fits the type of copier perfectly and is designed specifically for a type of copier. Buying OEM toner cartridges can be quite expensive when you purchase them at brick and mortar retail stores. These stores often have limited supplies and charge more per individual cartridge. OEM toner cartridges are crafted by the manufacturer and designed to last longer but they are the most expensive toners and are not eco-friendly.
What’s a Compatible Supply?
Purchasing copier toner by the manufacturer can be quite expensive. A compatible toner cartridge is a generic cartridge that can be used in copiers regardless of manufacturers. These supplies are significantly cheaper than buying directly from the manufacturer. They cost less to produce and are less expensive to buy. As businesses need to frequently update their copier supplies, it is important to find a regular, reliable source of high quality compatible supplies. Copier Supply Store makes this process easy.

We’ve got cartridges for brand name manufacturers. You can simply type in the name of the manufacturer, model type and print cartridge into our search bar. Search by product size or specification. You may also need other copier supplies such as drum units or rollers. We’ve got both in stock for all major brands as well as other copier parts and supplies. We’ll take care of your whole order for you. We’ll ship directly to your address nationwide, 24/7.

Purchasing replacement toner cartridges can be expensive, particularly for businesses that print a lot of documents frequently. When you buy copier room supplies from the Copier Supply Store, you’ll save more money than if you bought supplies at brick and mortar retail stores. Our warehouses are stocked with name brand copier supplies and can be shipped to you anytime.

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