Tips to Save Money on Your Print Supplies

You might not realize it, but your business is spending lots of money on printing supplies. So how do you cut back the cost, and how can you change it so you actually save money on print supplies from the Copier Supply Store? There are plenty of ways to cut on those printing costs.

- Replace printer parts, not printers – This is a no brainer. Instead of throwing out the entire printer when there’s a problem, just replace the printer parts through a dealer like Copier Supply Store. It’s a great way to save money on print supplies and the printer itself.

- Save paper – Printing double sided and watching for needless print jobs will save you some of the green paper in your wallet. Single-sided printing is costing you more money than you might realize. Reams of paper add up and the costs can be easily avoided.

- Color printouts waste the green – If it doesn’t have to be done in color, then then do it in black and white; simple as that, right? Well not exactly, as a lot of companies create waste by simply printing in color needlessly. If you are finding yourself going through la lot of ink cartridges, save money on print supplies with Copier Supply Store.

- Wasted prints – When was the last time you hit the print button and then saw an error on the document you just printed? It happens more often than we care to admit, and definitely more often than we realize. Those prints add up. You’ll be ordering more ink cartridges and printer parts before you know it. Keep the waste to a minimum and only hit print after you have double and triple checked it.

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