Happy International Print Day!

Happy International Print Day from Copier Supply Store! October 19th is a great day to acknowledge the impact that print has had, and continues to have on the lives of so many people and industries. International Print Day is a time to celebrate art, literature, discount printer parts, and the evolution of print.

Even in the digital age, print is absolutely everywhere! International Print Day aims to spread awareness about print in all forms, which include digital print and type face. All over the world, parties and expositions aimed at celebrating the art of print are going on at convention centers and print companies.

Take a moment to think about how print has affected your life. Even in the digital world, you are reading fonts, printing out agendas, and passing billboard ads on the highway every day.

This year, the printing community wants to make #PrintSmart the trend and goal of the campaign. It combines the idea that print has evolved and survived even throughout the digital age, and printing has become smarter, more environmentally friendly, and cheaper thanks to discount printer parts and companies like Copier Supply Store.

Keep an eye out on social media for the hashtag and spread the love for printing!

Copier Supply Store has been in the print industry for decades, selling discount toner and discount printer parts. We believe that recognizing the culture behind print is a great way to celebrate its effectiveness.

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