Printing Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know

When running a business, you are constantly looking for ways to minimize overhead and maximize profits. One area where you can cut costs is in your document solution services.

If you don’t already have a printer, shop for a printer with a low cost per page, or replace your current printer with a more efficient one. Be wary of printers with low upfront costs, as they tend to use ink cartridges or LaserJet toners inefficiently, costing more in maintenance. Inkjet printers tend to cost more in the long run than LaserJet printers that have a higher start-up cost. Make sure you do your research before you are stuck with expensive toner or ink cartridge replacement cost.

Reduce clutter and save on printing supplies by thinking before printing. Not everything needs to be on paper. Try informing your staff about the costs of printing and how not every report needs a hard copy. These small changes can dramatically decrease printing costs and save your business money. Besides the fact, it is a modern trend to “go-green” and people will admire your green initiative of using less paper for printing.

Don’t forget to check your printer’s software settings. Most office printers come with eco-friendly settings that can change your printer’s functionality to yield a lower cost overall when printing. Look for settings such as ‘ink saver’ or ‘toner saver’ mode, and ensure that these settings are on default.

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