Copier Supply Store’s Guide to Storing 3D Printing Filament

Copier Supply Store is no stranger to 3D Printer filament and has even become an expert in handling filament. You may not have even been aware that many of your 3D printing mishaps are primarily due to humidity seeping into the filaments you used. While you clearly cannot see humidity, you may blame your 3D printer settings, the 3D printer itself, or even your own 3D printing abilities.

There are many elaborate and often expensive storage solutions for your 3D printer filaments, such as filament driers or special filament containers. These solutions can quickly get complicated and completely out-price the worth of your discounted 3D printer filament. Copier Supply Store, suppliers of part and supplies for printer and copiers, as well as one of the leading online supplier for 3D printer filament, has a simple and cheap solution for your filament storage needs.

To keep your 3D printer filament completely dry while being perfectly identifiable and accessible, all you need are vacuum bags with a double zipper line and fitted with a vacuum valve. Do not be afraid to spend some extra money on the vacuum bags since they have higher quality vacuum valves and plastics. Choosing transparent bags will allow you to see which 3D filament you have stored in each bag, along with clear and comprehensive labeling. Storing your affordable 3D printer filament in this manner will allow you to store it in a horizontal fashion to save space. 3D printer filament suppliers also suggest adding moisture absorbing silica gel beads to your 3D printer filament storage bags to extract extra moisture.

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