Must-Haves for College Freshmen

Moving away to college can be a scary step. Mothers get empty-nest syndrome, kids get homesick, and dad finally gets that man-cave he’s been talking about! But before dad comes knocking down walls in little Tommy or Suzie’s room, help your child prepare for life on campus with these must-have printables for college freshman.

Lists. To-do lists not only help with time management, they can also help your college student avoid mishaps before they happen. Show your college freshman how to use To-do lists by printing these to-do list organizers from your Canon inkjet at home.

Labels. When sharing common space, such as a dorm room, it is important to show your new student how to share and where to create boundaries on what is yours, theirs and ours. Print labels at home using your laser jet printer, to help identify your child’s belongings. Use a monogram or initials and print several different sizes to accommodate different sized items.

Letters. When your child is preparing to leave home for the first time, give the priceless gift of letters. Use this list of 101 “open this when” letter topics to help your child get through their first year. Choose options such as: open this when you’re lonely, open this when you get a bad grade, or open this when you need some motivation. This is a great way of reach your child on a personal level, when they are too far away.

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