Caring for your Copier Machine

The online retailer of discount copier parts and supplies knows that one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment you may purchase for your home or office is a copier machine. Larger and more professional models can run an upward of thousands of dollars, and then tack on repair and maintenance costs. In order to avoid excessive calls and bills to your copy machine’s manufacturer’s service department, Copier Supply Store recommends following some simple maintenance tasks to keep your copier clean and functioning, which will allow you and your business to save money and headaches.

Step 1. Use quality copy machine products.

Using a higher quality of printer paper will reduce the accumulation of debris, dust, and shavings inside the copy machine, and will result in less maintenance and cleaning. Make sure to properly store your paper and never put wet paper into the machine. Do not forcibly try to remove any paper that has been stuck in a jam or you could cause worse issues. Using quality copy machine products does not have to be expensive, as you can purchase them from an online discount copier supply store.

Step 2. Clean the copier glass often.

Using a nonabrasive cloth that is slightly damp with a glass cleaner, wipe down the copier glass. Do not spray the glass cleaner directly onto the glass. When you are scanning a document, make sure to remove any staples, paper clips, or any other object that may scratch the copier glass.

Step 3. Keep the ink cartridge head clear.

Make sure that there is no debris or dust in the ink cartridge head and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cartridge access. You should regularly clean any dust away from the ink nozzle with a damp cotton swab.

Step 4. Clear dust out of the machine.

Dust the inside as well as the outside. Using a fine hair paint brush, you can clean the dust in the hard to reach internals of the copy machine.

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