3D Printer Sales are Expected to Double in 2016

Business analysts are predicting rapid growth for the 3D printing industry, and for the most part, sales trends for the year have been giving the predictions a lot of weight. According to Gartner Inc., a technology research and advisory firm, worldwide 3D printer shipments are expected to surpass 500,000 units, which are expected to ship by the end of 2015. According to Gartner’s forecast report, 3D printer sales are predicted to more than double every year until 2019. They predict that by 2019, worldwide shipments will climb to more than 5.6 million units, which is a number that makes online 3D printer retail stores really excited.

The rise in numbers of 3D printer sales is attributed to the low cost, entry level printers that are being sold to homes and small businesses. Gartner specifically noted that 3D printer prices will play an ever-increasing role in the units that new or inexperienced users are purchasing.

For now and the next few years, 3D printers will dominate the market since they are generally priced below $2,500. It is clear that cost is an important factor to their market dominance. It is also likely that material cost will play a significant role in market sales as well. Filament prices continue to drop due to manufacturers competing for market dominance by developing a greater number of specialty materials.

Schools and universities are playing a major role in the jump of 3D printer sales that are marked under $2500. The low buy-in cost and ease of use makes them especially attractive for educational uses.

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