HP Printers Introduce HP Photo Creations

Hewlett-Packard, known to many as HP, has been a leader in the technology and printing world since their start in 1939. As inspiring innovators, the company has grown from a two-person operation to one of the world’s largest enterprises.

Continuing to evolve over time with society’s demands, HP’s CEO Meg Whitman, has promised to restore HP growth through a multi-year overhaul of the company. She has guaranteed to drive product innovation, by taking advantage of different opportunities that HP has been missing out on. One of their latest projects was the introduction of HP Photo Creations.

HP Photo Creations is a creative printing app that allows HP printer owners to create customized personal and professional items from home, to order, or share online. The product’s slogan ‘Print with Personality’ is set to inspire HP printer owners to create imaginative items; such as: photo cards, calendars, collages, and even business items.

HP Photo Creations has developed a specific section within the app to allow business owners the opportunity to create promotional items; such as business cards and brochures. These predesigned templates can make marketing simple and affordable, by printing directly from your HP printer.

The business section within the HP Photo Creations site is vast, with must need items; like: newsletters and announcements, to the smaller items like menus and thank you notes. Whatever your business needs may be, your HP Printer can help save you time and money with the new printing app.

To learn more about the opportunities available when using HP Photo Creations, click here.

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