3 Simple Rules to Save Money on Office Printing Costs

One of the interesting office facts is that printing costs account for almost 40% of office waste, a statistic that can easily be avoided and decreased by simple saving techniques. Even though printer supply companies can benefit tremendously from offices calling more than necessary each year to order supplies due to poor conservation techniques, in order to preserve your printer life, Copier Supply Store recommends implementing three rules to save money on office printing costs.

  1. Office printing rules. Most office printing costs and the waste associated with them can be traced back to the fact that there are no printing rules set in place. Here are a few rules that you can implement in your office in order to cut down on printing waste: unless absolutely necessary, all printing must be in black and white; all prints must be thoroughly checked before printing to avoid reprints for spelling errors or poor formatting; memos and reminders should be emailed only.
  2. Find the best discount toner cartridge supplier. Find the best place online to buy discount toner cartridges to save money on office printing costs. Printing supplies typically cost more when bought from a manufacturer, even if you are buying in bulk. Do some research online to find the best, online provider of discounted printer supplies and toners for your office’s make and model. This will allow you to cut costs drastically without having to skimp on quality.
  3. Bulk Mentality – Start buying in bulk. Buy paper, toner cartridges, printer accessories, all of it in bulk. If you buy your toner in bulk, remember to store your toner correctly to ensure that it lasts as long as it can.

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