Fun, Cheap Printable Halloween Costumes

Don’t spend lots of time and money on buying and building a Halloween costume that you only wear once; these fun, cheap printable Halloween costumes are creative and they won’t leave you feeling exhausted. Halloween is supposed to be fun, so if you have run out of time or you don’t want to spend lots of money on expensive Halloween costumes, these ideas are for you!

  • Get Social! 

How about a classic printable Halloween costume; pull it off right and you can really stand out. All you need is a piece of white, heavy cardboard, some glue, discount printer toner and scissors. Find the Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube template and print it out, glue it to the cardboard, and cut out the screen. Mark a big red X through it and voila, you are anti-social!

  • Easy Printable Masks 

Rather than spending twenty to fifty dollars buying costume masks, try printing your own. Some of this year’s favorite masks are the Stephen Colbert printable mask, the Randy Marsh from South Park, and Ken Bone from the recent presidential debate. You won’t even use a lot of discount printer toner with this costume!

  • Risky Business 

Go in your “birthday suit” this year. All you need is hard cardboard, a piece of string, and some discount toner. Print 6” X 6” squares of varying skin colors, glue the squares to your hard cardboard, and use the string as a means to hang the board around your neck. Now you’ll look like a blurred out, not safe for TV version of yourself! That’s a great way to be unique and save money buying using a DIY printable Halloween costume!

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