Things to Do Before Installing a Toner Cartridge

You’ve invested in a high quality printer and it has created beautiful documents for you fairly consistently. You are happy with the print quality. Your printer typically will be able to print out several thousands of pages before it needs new toner. When you are ready to install a new toner cartridge, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Turn the printer off. Unplug the printer when you change the printer cartridge.
  2. Remove the paper trays.
  3. Remove the old or used up cartridge. Pull it upward until it unlocks. For some printers, you will also have to unlatch a clip or other attachment but it will be visible and often have instructions right on it where to pull. Pay attention to how the old cartridge is positioned and where it faces before pulling it out so you will know where to put the new one in.
  4. Read the directions on the cartridge. For example, some toner cartridge have a cover for the heads. In this case, remove the cover only if the directions say so. Do not touch the printer heads when installing your cartridge.
  5. Most new printer cartridges have a tab on them. You will pull the plastic tab off, exposing the side of the cartridge that typically is inserted into the machine.

After these steps, you are ready to install your new cartridge. Install the new cartridge in the same position where the old one fit in the printer. Avoid forcing the cartridge in. The cartridge should fit in snugly and lock into place. If you had to change or open clips or other parts to remove the old cartridge, be sure to put them back in place.

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