Discount Printer Supplies Store Gives Free Printables for Jumpstart Programs

Copier Supply Store is a leader in the document solution industry for providing schools and teachers with discount printer supplies at wholesale prices. In addition to our reputable partnership with jumpstart programs nationwide, our company provides free printables for teachers and parents.

Volunteer Pre-K programs lay the foundation for letters, vocabulary, and early learning skills. Early learning education gives children a “jumpstart” into school preparation. Children who participated in a VPK program showed faster development in language skills, scored higher in school readiness exams, had stronger social skills, and fewer behavioral programs once in school.

Whether you are a parent preparing your child with an at-home VPK schedule, or enrolling them into a VPK school, these educational printables are just the thing to kick off a great foundation for the future. These printouts will not only save you money when printed from your all-in-one home printer, but they will also help to brighten your child’s future.

Learn more about our discount printer supplies and wholesale printer pricing for schools, by contacting Copier Supply Store directly at 866-939-2244.

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