Ideas to Preserve Your Child’s Memories

Preservation of memories is always a very special task. Items like photos, videos, and ticket stubs from special events, are ways to remind yourself and your family of the moments that you have shared over the years, and Copier Supply Store has creative ways that you can preserve, cherish, and share those memories forever.

Imprint. If your child had a special toy they felt connected to, make an imprint of the toy. Use a light coat of paint to cover your child’s toy, then press the toy against craft paper. This will leave a beautiful 3D portrait of the toy, which will make for a great memorable item that can be incorporated into room décor as they age.

Family Yearbook. Collect photos throughout the year and create a family yearbook. This can help minimize space and is a fun way to showcase your family memories throughout the years. You can download different templates that can allow you to create your family yearbook from home, and even print from home using your LaserJet Brother Printer toner.

Ugly Photo Book. If you have a sense of humor, you may want to start the ‘ugly photo book’ tradition. This photo book is different from the family yearbook, because it is a collection of all of the ugly, gross, and embarrassing photos that families take throughout the years. These books make for great entertainment and are great graduation gifts for your child. Ugly photobooks can use the same template as a family yearbook, and can be printed from home to save on printing costs.

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