Labor Day Design Ideas

Labor Day is the day set aside to honor the men and women of America and all of their hard work. While it does mean that there is a three-day weekend in our future, it also means that businesses will be working to capitalize on the holiday spirit and festive moods. Many take to brochure printing, postcard printing, and other printing methods that will get their business out there for the Labor Day holiday. If you are looking for tips for promotional designs for Labor Day that works for your company, then keep Copier Supply Store’s hints in mind while you plan your graphic advertising.

  • Tone: It takes only a split second to grab someone’s attention or completely lose it. Make sure that you have pre-planned the tone that you want for your brochure or postcard, keeping in mind what your company is actually trying to accomplish or sell.
  • Colors: Since Labor Day is a patriotic and American holiday, choosing a red, white, and blue color scheme is very traditional. Copier Supply Store believes that every color scheme can signify a different feeling. Check out the Konica Minolta Colorforce-8050 toner packs that will give you the inspiration to come up with the perfect color palette for your advertisements. Looking to save? Copier Supply Store also has discount color ink packages.
  • History: Do a little research about the holiday, it is all about appreciating the work force and you may be able to find something that can target your specific audience.

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