Save Money on Printing with Cost-Effective Printing Tips

Everything about printing is expensive. Whether you are talking about printing supplies, the cost of printer maintenance, replacement toner cartridges and/or ink cartridges, the cost of printing can add up.

If you are looking for ways to save on your printing costs, here are some great tips:

  1. Change your font. A simple font change can result in savings ranging from $20 – $200 a year. On they conducted a test that proved that Century Gothic font used the least amount of ink, Ecofont came in second for printer ink conservation, and Times New Roman third.
  2. Reduce the quality. Printing graphics can add up quickly, if the quality of the graphics are not pressing, reduce the quality on the printer. The reduction in quality will lead to a reduction in price.
  3. Recycle your old ink cartridges. Large document solution companies such as Sharp Toners or Ricoh, offer incentives for recycling your used toner cartridges. Sharp even has a recycling program called ‘Stop, Drop, Recycle’ to help promote recycling your used printing supplies. Some printer supply stores will allow for ink cartridge refills, as opposed to buying a new ink cartridge – these offers tend to have a lower price tag as well.
  4. Discount Printer Supply Stores. Shopping online has many advantages, the greatest being the ability to compare prices. Try shopping at smaller or discount printer supply stores for greater savings.

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