Fun Ways to Use Printable Art with Your Kids

Kids and even toddlers, love the idea of hands-on activities. They love the different colors and the different shapes that can be made. One way to explore new ways to enhance your child’s skills is by doing activities with them. This not only helps you bond with your kids, but it can also help them grow artistically.

Some fun ways to engage with them is by printing out Lunch Box Love Notes. A good printer like the Brother Inkjet Printer from Copier Supply Store, can make these fun DIY love notes easy and colorful. They can be funny artwork that tells a joke, or a “great job today son” printable. Lunch box love notes are a great way to tell your child how much you care about them.

Learning your numbers can be a fun activity with your kids by making a Paper Chain Countdown. Simply print out some awesome printable numbers or fun artwork numbers and cut them in a rectangular shape. Glue the ends to form a cylinder shape and connect the papers together in a chain like form. This is a fun way to teach your kids their numbers and is an easy way to put your printer to great use!

One of the best DIY projects for kids is a Pretend Cash Register. This cardboard cash register is a fun addition to pretend market play! “Ring up” sales by pushing buttons and exchanging pretend money! You can print out printable money and a cash register printable, and paste them onto a cardboard box.

Engaging with your children is key to their development. Finding great DIY projects to entertain them is easy, fun, and won’t break the bank. Copier Supply Store can not only assist with all of your printing needs, we can show you how your at-home printer can help save you money on nearly all aspects of your life – including saving you money on children’s toys.

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