Are Teachers Paying Too Much for School Supplies?

According to an article in Time Magazineteachers are spending too much money on school supplies. Now, some schools are asking teachers to cut back on using the copier paper and toner because of the expense. When looking and budgeting for cheap school supplies, discount copier supplies should be on the top of the list. Unfortunately, a handful of teachers are struggling to find a supplier that offers the best deals on essential items, like toner and printer parts.

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The average teacher spends about $500 out of pocket on school supplies every year. Although some teachers receive a yearly stipend to cover additional costs for anything they need to purchase that the school cannot supply, that stipend is not covering some of the costs. Copier Supply Store is one of the best places to purchase discount copier supplies. When teachers and other educators find their way to our website, they are able to take advantage of our great prices.

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School supply budgets are falling short every ear, and constant cut backs since the recession a few years ago have led to thin budgets. According to CB, this trend is likely to continue. Budgets will continue decreasing year after year, and teachers are going to be forced to take on the financial burden.

Teachers searching for cheap school supplies: search no further. Take a look at the discount copier supplies at Copier Supply Store where you are sure to remain within budget.

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