How to Save on Printing Costs

Regardless of your financial state, people are always trying to save however they can. One area that can help save you hundreds per year is to save on printing costs.

If you own a printer, these four tips can help you save on printing costs this year:

  1. Be conscious of your printing habits. Before printing anything, asks yourself if it is really necessary to have that item on paper. Does it make a difference if the item is located in a digital version on your computer or do you need a hard copy? Being conscious of what you print can help you save on printing costs and reduce clutter.
  2. Fit more per page. Check your computer printing options to make sure that they are green. Most computers default to printer settings that should be adjusted. Enable double sided printing, if your computer will allow, and always check the ‘shrink to fit’ box – this will put more of your document onto each page.
  3. Choose Eco-Friendly Fonts. A recent study showed that some font styles are more budget friendly than others. showed that switching from Times New Romans to Century Gothic can save $80 per year, on average, in printing costs.
  4. Switch to a LaserJet Printer. While LaserJet printers cost more initially when they are purchased, and toner cartridges can have a higher price tag, using a LaserJet printer is more cost effective. The price per page for printing with a LaserJet, compared to an InkJet, is substantially cheaper.

These four tips can help you save on printing costs and improve your carbon footprint. Copier Supply Store also offers discount pricing and price matching for printer and copier parts; including: LaserJet toners, ink cartridges, genuine and generic replacement parts, and more. Shop online at to start saving!

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