Replacing a Ricoh Waste Toner Bottle

Ricoh USA is a company that specializes in office imaging equipment and printing solutions, with a collection of network-capable printers that print in B&W or colored. Known for their efficient printing, Ricoh printers are a premier printing solution for any office or home.

As a Ricoh printer owner, Copier Supply Store offers numerous tutorials to assist in basic maintenance procedures, such as replacing a Ricoh waste toner bottle.

If you are replacing your Ricoh waste toner bottle, take the following steps:

  1. Check the printer display for a ‘Replace Used Toner Bottle’. IMPORTANT: Only replace the waste toner bottle when indicated. Excessive handling or replacement of printer parts could lead to damage.
  2. Turn off the power, then unplug the power cable.
  3. Open the right over of the Ricoh printer.
  4. Remove the waste toner bottle from its bag and place gently to the side.
  5. Unlock the waste toner bottle by sliding the green arrow to the right to the ‘unlock’ position. IMPORTANT: Do not lock the removed waste toner bottle; doing so could cause the toner to leak.
  6. Remove the used waste toner bottle carefully and place in the new toner bottle’s bag (this is to avoid leaking).
  7. Insert the new waste toner bottle.
  8. Lock the waste toner bottle by sliding the green arrow to the ‘lock’ position. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the new Ricoh waste toner bottle is locked in place – it could leak inside of the printer if not properly locked.
  9. Close the right cover, and turn the Ricoh printer back on.

It is important to keep all Ricoh toners (used and unused) out of the reach of children. The disposal of all Ricoh printer parts should take place at an authorized dealer, appropriate collection site or should be disposed in accordance to local regulations.

IMPORTANT: Toner dust is flammable and can ignite when exposed to an open flame. If swallowed, drink water and contact a doctor immediately.

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