Quality Commercial Printing That’s Cheap

Some business owners think that good quality commercial printing means having to spend a lot of money. Well, the experts at Copier Supply Store may agree that there is a threshold between price and quality, but quality commercial printing does not have to burn a hole in your company’s spend. There are ways to cut “corners” without compromising on the design or your standards. If you are looking for quality commercial printing that is cheap, Copier Supply offers the best, inexpensive printers and discount toner cartridges as a way to maintain quality while saving money.

Best Cheap Printers

Choosing the best cheap printer for quality commercial printing depends a lot on the types of tasks and scale of tasks that you are looking to accomplish. To put it into perspective, think quality and quantity. You might want to go for a Konica Minolta copier if quality is more important than volume. The Konica Minolta Bizhub 552 is a great machine for a moderate price, and it has a decent speed as well.

If you are looking for quality commercial printing that is cheap but quantity is your goal, then an HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn might be best for you. This machine was recently voted the best small business printer of 2016 by PC Mag editors; speed was one of the deciding factors so you know it has it where it counts.

Also, look into discount printer supplies if your machines break down; it’s cheaper than buying an entire new unit.

Discount Toner Cartridges vs. Refills

A study conducted by HP showed that refill cartridges cause a decrease in print quality. Jean Gingrass, the environmental program manager at HP said the company had conducted hundreds of studies that show that refills will yield lower quality images.

Alternatively, discount toner cartridges don’t. The toner cartridge will be cheaper than buying brand new, but the added benefit to the printer is that the quality won’t suffer. This seems like an easy choice here. In order to obtain quality commercial printing that’s cheap, choose discount toner cartridges over refills every time.

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