Ricoh Ribbons and Thermal Printing

Ricoh is a preferred name in the printing industry. Similar to most printer supply brands, Ricoh offers a variety of printing products to service their printers. Depending on the model Ricoh printer you have, will determine the Ricoh printer parts you need for routine maintenance.

Common printing knowledge tells you that a Ricoh Inkjet Printer require Ricoh ink cartridges; and Ricoh LaserJet Printers require Ricoh toner cartridges. But when do you need a Ricoh printing ribbon?

Ricoh thermal transfer ribbons are used for thermal printing; such as, the Ricoh Aficio SG thermal printing line. Thermal transfer ribbons are used for the following printing projects:

  • Article Control – such as transport and inventory control and POS systems
  • Tags – such as price tags and bran tags
  • Tickets – entrance tickets, railroad tickets, ATB, and betting slips
  • Date Coding – expiration dates on food and direct printing on packages (medicine, auto parts, etc.)
  • Indication Control – nameplates, drum labels, plastic cards, and signboards
  • Manufacturing Process Control – assembly lines (electric appliance assembly) and blood bags

While Ricoh ribbons are used for thermal printing, Ricoh toner cartridges are used for laser printing. Ricoh laser printers require a Ricoh toner cartridge (a cartridge filled with fine powder) and a heated fuser. The heated fuser will heat the toner and result in a crisp image or document. The quality of a Ricoh toner can grant you crisp documents and images necessary for a small home-office or a business. Ricoh thermal printers require Ricoh thermal transfer ribbons, necessary for the mass production and labeling of important information; such as: tickets, price tags, and expiration dates of food.

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