Manufacturer Yield and Number of Copies

A common question we get about manufacturer yield is whether the manufacturer toner yield number is always correct on the amount of copies my copier makes? The answer is no. The number of copies varies depending upon the page coverage.

For example, an average, a toner cartridge for a Sharp machine can print up to 4,000 print pages. This estimate is based on the manufacturer testing and also comparison to the ISO/IEC 19752 standard method for testing page yield introduced in 2004. However, this is dependent upon a few factors such as the print or copy machine functioning well without any worn-out parts and other necessary toners and supplies are in stock and in use. It also is dependent on other factors such as the page coverage.

What is page coverage? It is the amount of print on a page. On average, the manufacturer yield number is based upon 5% coverage, which is not a lot of ink or print on a page. When you type a short memo, that’s around 5% coverage. However, when you print a letter, it is beyond the 5%. When you print photos, you are consuming a lot more page coverage as there is fine detail. Also when you print web pages or other graphics, the amount of page coverage can vary significantly.

You can check the yield by using any page count your printer has. Check the user’s manual for instructions. You can also count reams or boxes of paper you have used with each cartridge. Both of these methods will tell you how many pages per cartridge you are using.

These ways will give you a raw estimate. Look at the print coverage average that you normally have. If you are only printing memos, then you will probably reach the manufacturer’s stated yield specifications. When you print a lot of full page letters or print graphics, you will have a lower yield. For example, when you are printing text and full page graphics, the typical 4000-page yield cartridge will run out of toner in around 800 pages.

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