First Day of School Printables

Every parent wants to document their child’s growth – whether you are taking pictures of their birthday, creating a scrapbook, or saving their first locks of hair, memories matter. Most 21st century moms have been introduced to baby calendar stickers that are used every month of their newborns first year to show month-over-month growth, but why stop there?

The first day of school is always a big moment for both parents and children, but why not make the day that much easier to identify, with a printable sign that say “First Day of BLANK Grade.” As you will soon learn as a parent, identifying which year is which – especially with multiple children – can be difficult. Printable signs are a great way to document moments and add a special touch to lessen confusion.

Printable school items, such as a first day of school sign, are easy to make from your home Brother Printer and are low cost when using the economy settings to save on LaserJet toner. Use the clickable link provided in our discount printer supplies blog to download and modify the first day of school signs.

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