How to Print on Burlap with your Brother Inkjet Printer

Burlap has become a hit amongst crafters nationwide. With its neutral color and unique texture, crafters are finding unique ways to incorporate burlap into everything.

At our discount printer supplies store, we enjoy proving our readers with DIY Printing Projects that you never knew your Brother Inkjet Printer could accomplish. One unique question that we hear about, is how to print on burlap. Its course material would push most crafters away from the idea that you must stencil on burlap, as opposed to printing, but that’s not true. The following printing technique can be used on burlap and on other complex materials as well.

First, gather:

  • Freezing Paper (Different than wax paper but located in the same section at the supermarket)
  • Burlap (Or other complex material)
  • Brother Inkjet Printer
  • Hot Iron
  • Printer Paper

After you have all of the necessary materials, use a piece of printing paper as your guide to cut out pieces of burlap and freezer paper. It is important to double check that both the burlap and freezer paper are the EXACT size of normal letter printer paper.

Next, use the iron to smooth out any wrinkles the burlap might have. The burlap pieces should be straight and flat. Then, lay the freezer paper onto the burlap (the shiny side should be against the burlap) and use the iron to run over the burlap until it adheres. It is important to double check that the sides have completely ‘stuck’ to the burlap. If there are any overhanging areas, trim them so that they do not get stuck in your inkjet printer.

Remove all paper from your printer and lay the burlap with freezer paper in the printer. Check that the burlap side is the side that will be printed on by the printer. Now, the moment you have been waiting for… Print! Once you have printed your item, starting in the corner, remove the freezer paper.

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