Removing Mis-fed Paper in a Ricoh Printer

Everyone hates the feeling of hitting the ‘print’ button and then going to the printer to find out that nothing is happening. There are several ways to troubleshoot your Ricoh Printer, but one of the most common mishaps is paper being misfed.

An error message is always sent to inform you if a paper misfeed has occurred, and the location of the misfeed. If you are not familiar with the routine maintenance procedures for your Ricoh Printer, Copier Supply strongly recommends that you contact your printer specialist to assist you with the removal of the mis-fed paper.

Misfed paper may be covered in toner – so when removing the paper, be careful not to get toner on your hands or clothes. It is important to print a few test prints before resuming normal printing procedures, in order to ensure that the Ricoh toner cartridge is not lose. Never remove the misfed paper forcefully. The paper can tear and the torn pieces remaining in the printer will lead to future mishaps.

The most common place for misfed paper errors is in the ‘internal path’. Look for an error message that says “Remove Misfeed A: Internal Path”. Then take the following steps:

  1. Open the front cover of the Ricoh printer by pushing the ‘front cover release’ button.
  2. Carefully remove any misfed paper. IMPORTANT: If misfed paper is difficult to remove and/or stuck, proceed to the next step. DO NOT PULL ON THE PAPER.
  3. Pull part “A” in the direction of the arrow, then open the cover.
  4. Remove any misfed paper.
  5. Close the cover to the printer.
  6. Close the front cover.

While this is the most common place for misfed paper to be, there are several other areas of the Ricoh Printer where loading errors can occur.

If you need routine maintenance for your Ricoh Printer, it is recommended that you contact your printing specialist or service representative to help. This will assure that proper procedures are taken in the routine maintenance of your Ricoh printer.

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