Office Printing Facts You Don’t Know

Copier Supply Store Copier Supply Store has put together some office printing facts for those who are shopping for discount printer toner and also need to know some hardcore printing facts. Be prepared to have the ink blown off your page with these facts:

1. 95% of offices in the United States do not have any printing rules in place. 40% of printer waste could be prevented by enforcing work place printing rules.

2. Office printing ranks in the top three highest business operating expenses, which is why so many office managers shop online for discount printer toner and printer accessories.

3. The average cost of a piece of wasted copier paper is $0.06. If you factor color ink into that page, the price increases to $0.08. Think about those office printing facts next time you throw a piece of paper in the trash – it adds up.

4. 1 ream of paper (500 sheets) is about 6% of a tree. So every tree produces about 15 reams or 7,500 sheets of paper. Thanks trees! We’ll keep plating if you keep being awesome.

5. The average office worker in the United States prints about 10,000 pages per year. That’s about 1.3 trees per person, each year.

6. The U.S. uses just over 68 million trees per year. Think of how many discount printer parts had to be replaced because of all that printing!

7. The world’s largest printer is 12 X 50 meters long. The printer is called Infinitus and belongs to Big Image Systems. It is used to print images for the backdrops of movies and TV shows.

8. The world’s smallest printer is 1 X 2 X 11 inches. You can carry it in your pocket, connect to it via bluetooth, and print wherever you need to.

9. Although no longer new technology, 3D printers are doing amazing things. They have been used to print food, and scientists all over the world are using them to print organs. Not one of the great office printing facts, but fascinating either way.

10. Copier Supply Store has the best discount toner cartridges in the U.S.

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