Generic Printer Supplies vs. Brand Printer Supplies

Generic vs. Brand is an argument that we see in every industry: food, apparel, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and even printing supplies. But what we seldom find out is if choosing the brand item over the generic, actually makes a difference.

It will surprise most consumers when they realize how little you sacrifice in terms of quality if you choose the generic over a brand item. Three things that you should consider before buying a brand printer toner over a generic is:

  1. Price
  2. Difference
  3. Appreciation

First is price – the most important factor. Price for brand named items are typically higher because of the marketing efforts taken to promote the item. If you ever find yourself purchasing a product, whether it is cold medicine or an ink cartridge, if the brand and generic are priced the same, always go with the brand. But in reality, the price is usually different and you should always consider the difference between the two.

The difference between a generic and a brand, can range in shape, color, packaging, labeling and other variables. It is important to understand that just because two HP toners look different, it may not affect how they work or their overall printing quality.

Generic printer supplies typically have other ingredients in addition to the brand named item, but in most cases, it does not jeopardize the quality or the lifetime of the printer part.

If you find yourself choosing between two items that are different in price and packaging, the last deciding factor to consider is appreciation. When you cannot choose between the extra cost and opting for the savings, determine if you will truly appreciate the additional cost associated with the item. If you believe that you will appreciate the extra spend, you may prefer a branded printer part, but if the look of the product doesn’t matter and the savings means more, select the generic item that is set to work just as efficiently.

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