Steps to Troubleshooting an Imaging Unit

You’ve purchased a great printer but you are having trouble with the imaging unit. How do you troubleshoot it and fix the problem? Here are a few handy tips to troubleshooting an imaging unit.

If you replaced the original ink cartridges with a full set of reconditioned cartridges and are not getting good print quality with variable printing for black versus color printing, there are a few things to check.

Depending upon the model and machine, you will want to check the imaging unit software to see that it is functioning properly and do a web search to see if any similar issues have been reported for your machine. If there is a history of error messages, you will want to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for rebooting and resetting the software.

Next check the developer blades in the imaging unit. If you have a good toner supply but still receive a faded image print out, then your developer blades are probably the culprits. The developer blades accumulate toner over time and as the toner builds up, the blade is not able to perform its function of metering out the right amount of toner on to the drum unit that places it on the paper. As toner builds up on the developer blades, the drum receives less toner, resulting in a faded image.

You can fix this problem by disassembling the imaging unit and cleaning the blades. You may need to buy a new imaging unit depending on wear and tear.

Another common problem that occurs is the computer recognizes the printer after you have replaced the imaging unit bu the status light continues to blink red. The printer also will not print out a test page. To reset the printer, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and from the back of the printer. Wait for ten minutes. Reattach the power cords. Hold down the ‘Stop’ button until the printer starts printing a test page.

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