Go Green and Recycle Your Sharp Toner

Does your company go through large amounts of printing supplies such as printer cartridges and toners? Well Sharp USA would like to help you make the world a little greener with their recycling program for Sharp Toners.

Sharp USA created a bulk recycling program as part of their commitment to the environment. Your company can order a Bulk Recycle Kit here which makes its free and easy to ship your recyclables in bulk back to Sharp. Sharp provides all of the necessary shipping and collection materials to make going green easy.

Each Bulk Recycling Kit consists of 3 pre-addressed and pre-paid Sharp collection/shipping boxes. If you company does not have high volume printing allowing for low volume recycling, there is another option for you! You can send your empty toner cartridges to Sharp, however you will be responsible for the shipping.

Almost all of the Sharp Copier and Printer products are recyclable and applicable for this program. This includes, and is not limited to:

  1. Sharp copier toner cartridges
  2. Sharp printer toner cartridges
  3. Sharp fax toner cartridges
  4. Sharp waste toner containers
  5. Sharp drum units

While Sharp USA does encourage you to recycle all of your toner cartridges, the program is specifically designed for Sharp products. Please do not send generics or other brands to the Sharp Recycle Center. Sharp reserves the right to charge back customers who ship non-Sharp products.

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