Long Live the Print Book and Print Supplies!

Viva la impression, Viva el libro! Long live print and long live books!

Copier Supply Store has been a part of the printing industry for years, selling print supplies and discount toner for decades. It is because of this that we are happy to announce the resurgence of print media all over the world.


Looks like the digital revolution did not claim another victim of the old world, because for the first time in the better part of a decade, books are back in action. Sales are up while electronic books are disappearing. Studies show that millennials prefer physical books over e-readers. Print is back and will continue on as the longest mass media production format in existence. Viva la print supplies and viva la discount toner! Gutenberg, the father of print and creator of the first ever modern printing press would have been proud.


Direct mail marketing is back and in a big way. Although there are still a few key differences between direct mail and electronic mail marketing, the difference is not significant enough to rule out one or another. There are benefits to both, and it seems that one of the biggest benefits of conducting your marketing using discount toner and printing supplies is that you get much more attention from potential customers with direct mail.


Magazines are also poised to see a resurgence in a big way. It could be that people are frustrated trying to read news on websites that constantly push pop-up ads and redirects you to an advertiser site. Traditional print avoids the distractions that seem to plague online news outlets, since printed content is definitely not spammy and allows the user to choose to read it or not.

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