3 Signs You Need a Copier

Running a business means that you are required to purchase and maintain equipment that can help with day-to-day operations. But depending on your industry, is a copier machine really a necessity? If your business is considering purchasing a copier, consider these three things in your decision:

  1. No multi-device in the office. Multi-function devices can serve multiple purposes, while taking up little room in your office. Compared to having an individual printer, copier, and fax machine, opt for a device that has all capabilities in one. This can save time, money and space.
  2. Paperless isn’t an option. For some businesses (like law firms), being completely paperless is not an option. So just because you have a scanner and printer, a copier may be necessary for making copies of important documents.
  3. You should own equity in Kinko. If your business is spending over $150+ in copier and/or printing services at a copier supply store, purchasing your own equipment will save you money. Rather than paying Kinko to make copies for you, invest in your own copier for your office.

While these three considerations may not apply to you, they are three things to consider if you need a copier.

Owning a copier comes with advantages; like extra speed, saving you time and money by printing where you are. Be sure to do research based on your office needs, and compare brands, stores, and reviews before you purchase.

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