Things you should never do when installing a toner cartridge or toner bottle

There are some things you should avoid doing before installing a toner cartridge or bottle. Below is a quick, handy list for your reference.

  1. Toner is out, there are warning signs and still printing: It is important to not use the printer when your toner is out. Trying to force the machine to print will likely damage printer. You will also not receive good quality prints.
  2. Error message that toner not recognized: You may have received an error message that your toner is not recognized. This happens when you use the wrong type of toner. Printers and copier machines are specific in the kinds of toner that they need. You can use compatible cartridges but any cartridge you use must be suitable for your machine. Check before installing. It can also happen when the toner is not placed securely in the slot. You will need to check that it ‘locks’ in place.
  3. Using the wrong toner: Check that you have the right toner before installing.
  4. Printing without toner installed: It is important that you check before printing that you have toner in the machine. Printing without toner installed will result in blank or spotted pages and can also damage the printer, leading to breakdown.
  5. Cleaning blade is messy and streaking: Every machine requires periodic cleaning and maintenance. One of the machine parts that needs regular maintenance is the cleaning blade. When the cleaning blade gets messy from a lot of use, it starts to streak, resulting in spotted pages.
  6. Toner is leaking: Sometimes toner may leak inside the machine. This can happen if the toner cartridge is broken or faulty. Leaking toner can get inside parts of the machine that can be damaged through contact. Therefore it is essential that you check your machine first and clean out any leaking toner.
  7. Fade outs on prints: Finally, you may see fading in some prints. This is an indicator that it is time to change your toner. Keeping the same empty or low toner cartridge is not a good idea. So remove the existing cartridge, wipe the area clean and get the new cartridge ready to install.

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