What is the Shelf Life of Printer Toner?

It’s a common question: how long can printer toner be stored? What’s the shelf life of printer toner?

Toner is a mixture of carbon powder iron oxide and a polymer. Unless you are great at general knowledge or have some science degree in printing, it is unlikely that you will know the shelf life of printer toner and that’s to be expected. Luckily, professional printer supplies know the ins and outs of printer toner and can tell you what the shelf life is of the toner you purchased. At Copier Supply Store, we take the guessing out of discount printers and toners and can provide you with the expiration date of your printer toner.

First, ensure that you store your printer toner correctly. If you are following those guidelines for storing your toner, then you will notice that the shelf life of your printer toner is longer than if you were not properly storing it.

If you are regularly using your printer toner and have it stored for less than a year, it should live out its shelf life. If you do not use your printer toner frequently and you have stored it correctly, the shelf life of printer toner could be as long as three years.

Regardless of the brand of printer toner or the type, Copier Supply Store suggests taking a look at the packaging to find the expiration date. Typically, somewhere on your printer toner’s packaging, it will have a date that is anywhere between 18 and 24 months. So, if you are buying discount printer toner in bulk and you know that you will not be using them before the 24-month mark, be sure to keep them stored properly to prolong use.

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