Decorate Your Classroom with Printable Artwork

Education is an industry that is commonly under budgeted. Teachers will make-do with what they are given and take advantage of DIY projects to help with budget restrictions. If you have access to your school’s community inkjet printer, you can print artwork to decorate your classroom.

Quotes. Even for younger grades, print inspirational quotes such as Dr. Seuss or Shakespeare, to illustrate important lessons for students. Create classroom posters like teaching students to ‘THINK before they Speak” with the acronym –

T is it True?

H is it Helpful?

I is it Inspiring?

N is it Necessary?

K is it King?

Rules. Classroom rules are important for laying down a foundation on what is and is not acceptable in your classroom. Make learning these classroom rules easier, by printing them on colorful pieces of paper that can be displayed on the walls. Colors not only promote creativity, but they will also catch the students’ eyes to read what is written on them.

Lessons. Lessons are crucial for staying organized as a teacher. Use free printable templates such as clocks for telling time or colorful calendars – these can save money if they are printed at school, compared to purchased in a school. Student job cards are a great way of teaching children responsibility, by indicating a student’s jobs for the day (such as line leader or door holder).

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