Print Shops Save Money in these Five Ways

Print shops employ various methods to trim expenses, be more efficient and ultimately keep more dollars in the bank. Here we have taken a closer look at five ways that print shops employ to save money.

#1 Simplifying and Streamlining Workflow

Workflow is the process of doing work. For a print shop, this involves getting customer projects ready for printing. This process can involve several steps such as creating the initial concept to designing it, choosing the right paper stocks and inks and then printing the final products to specification for delivery. Depending upon the project, the complexity can vary greatly. It is important that a print shop have a clearly defined workflow process with specific timeframes for completing each phase to prevent wasted effort, time, resources and money. Therefore planning out the print process is essential and print shops need to have defined this before they take on customer orders.

#2 Choosing and Using Modernized, Tested Software

Given the complexity of many orders from die cuts to true shape nesting, print shops employ modern software in addition to their hardware. Hence print shops need to choose and test out the right kind of modernized print software that works with their equipment and workflow. This software must also lay out files and add graphics on the substrate and use materials efficiently.

#3 Servicing Their Own Machines

Print shops can save dollars by effectively servicing their own machines. They avoid the high service fees charged by service technicians. Instead, they train staff to deal with common maintenance issues such as paper james and replacing toner cartridges. A few people or the managers will also know how to service more complex problems.

#4 Excluding Toner and Supplies from a Copier Lease

Skip paying the extra dollars by keeping your toner and supplies off your copier lease if you have one. Copier leases usually include restocking supplies from the manufacturer, which cost more.

#5 Purchasing Copier and Print Supplies from Outlet Stores

Print shops can save money while running your print shop when they buy print and copier supplies from an outlet store that provides wholesale pricing. At the Copier Supply Store, we have two large warehouses that are well stocked with plentiful toner cartridges and other supplies compatible with all name brand print and copier machines.

We will assist you in replacing your toner supplies whether you need to replace one color alone or are stocking up on supplies. Enjoy the convenience of same day or next day delivery. Skip paying high consumer prices when you buy from the manufacturer directly and instead buy your supplies from the Copier Supply Store. We make it easy to replenish your supplies by saving your order for future reference.

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