Printer Parts from Developer Units to Transfer Belt Units

Printers today consist of many parts from toner hoppers to drum units, developer units, transfer belt units and transfer roller assembly units. Whether you are looking for a Konika A00JR71444 Transfer Belt Unit or a A00JR71500 Transfer Roller Assembly, you’ve come to the right place. At Copier Supply Store, we have an extensive supply of brand name printer and copier supplies. This includes all the major and minor parts necessary for the optimal functioning of your copier or printer.

As a wholesaler, we are able to offer our customers significant discounts on name brands. We also have two large warehouses and are well equipped to ship a large volume rapidly nationwide. You can call us directly at  866-939-2244 or email us at with any questions or concerns with your order. We make ordering printer and copier supplies easy. Once you have signed up with us, we keep a record of your orders for convenient refilling and replenishment.

Today laser printers have intricate parts working together seamlessly to create beautiful documents. A laser printer applies toner to electrostatic images on the drum by gathering toner contained in the toner hopper with the help of a developer unit. A developer unit consists of small, negatively charged magnetic beads attached to a rotating metal roller. The roller pushes the beads through the toner in the toner hopper.

The developer beads attract positive toner particles as they pass through. Then the roller brushes the beads past the drum assembly. The electrostatic image has a stronger negative charge than the developer beads. Hence the drum pulls the toner particles away.
As the drum moves over the paper, it grabs the toner. The paper is discharged by a corona wire. In order to keep the toner on the page, heat must be applied via a fuser roller. Whether you need to replace your Konika A03U504200 Transfer Belt or A03UR70700 Developer Unit, we have got all the supplies you need when you shop with the Copier Supply Store.

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