Should I Lease or Buy a Copy Machine?

This is a common question that business owners and office managers have. Depending upon your business needs, you will want to either lease or buy a copy machine.

Leasing and Copier Contracts

Before you lease a copy machine, it is helpful to understand what’s involved. Many companies get a copier contract because it’s a package – they get the printers they want and also a regular supply of printer supplies. Sometimes, the supplier also sends their toner cartridges for recycling. The supplier is a one-stop shop and this offers the business greater convenience.

However the business has several costs to consider. To lease the multifunction copy machine, the business has to pay between $100 and $250 a month. The contracts range from 24 to 36 months. Some companies will take on even longer leases to have lower monthly payments to manage.

While there are advantages to buying from one supplier and having all your toner and copier supplies managed, contracts themselves can vary greatly by supplier. Once you sign a contract, it can be very difficult to extricate yourself from it. You can only buy copier suppliers supplied by the vendor. Your copier contract will also have an auto-renewal that locks you into another term so if you want to leave the contract, it is imperative that you pay attention and exit before your renewal starts up again.

If you do lease a machine, be sure to keep your maintenance contract separate from the copy machine. This is important because your machine may stop working or you no longer want it but you get stuck with it because of the contract you signed.

Buying Your Copy Machine:
When you buy a copier, you own it outright and you do not have to sign on to a lease. This is suitable for many companies. A general rule of thumb is if you print less than 700 copies a month, you probably do not need a leasing contract. Many of these are usually desktop machines. A laser copy machine is also a good choice as  laser printer pages cost 6 cents a page on average as compared to inkjet at 20 cents a page.

Without a contract, you can upgrade your machine at any time. You can also buy your copier supplies from anyone, thus saving enormously on recurring costs. When you buy from the Copier Supply Store, you’ll enjoy significant discounts at wholesaling pricing and have your supplies delivered to your doorstep.

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