How to Start Your Own Printing Business

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that today’s printing businesses typically employ less than 10 people. This is a dream come true for business owners, or those hoping to break in to the printing industry while keeping expenses low. If you want to start your own printing business, follow these simple steps from Copier Supply Store, the nation’s leading source for printer and copier supplies.

  1. The printing industry is big, don’t try to be everything to everyone right from the start. Instead, find your niche in a specialized area and focus on that. An example is digital printing.
  2. Understand the business standards. Educate yourself and your team on the latest market trends and technology. Learn the most current practices of the printing industry.
  3. Develop a small team of highly skilled technicians who can operate devices like printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers (or whichever your niche is centered around).
  4. Determine which equipment you will need based on your niche. Once you purchase all your main products, Copier Supply store has all your printer and copier supplies to keep your company running smooth.
  5. Research the competition. Determine what you can offer that they are not offering.
  6. Determine who your intended audience is, and what their needs are so you can cater your services to help them.
  7. Build a website. Keep it simple, and provide a clear menu with what services you are offering. Make it easy for clients or other business owners to choose you.
  8. Promote your shop. Join a local commerce network, hand out flyers, make your company noticeable on social media, and reach out to other local business owners.

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