The truth about Toner Yields! Why does it say 7000 copies and I only received 5000 copies?

You’ve ordered toner and you found that your toner yield is not as high as you expected. This can happen for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look, starting with an understanding of what toner yield is. Toner yield is the estimated number of pages printed based upon industry testing standards of 5% coverage or an black and white page.

When you’ve printed with a toner cartridge and got a fewer number of print copies than expected, there are several reasons that this can happen. First, you might be using a starter toner cartridge or one supplied with the machine when you purchased it. These starter cartridges are never full. They are offered by the manufacturer to get you started right away but are a reduced paper yield instead of a high yield cartridge.

Another reason could be that you have a standard cartridge instead of a high yield cartridge. Again, these cartridges are not maximized for volume and offer lower print quantities than a high yield cartridge.

Finally, you may be printing a lot of copies in color. High yield rates is based upon black and white print copies.

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