Top 10 Checklist for Maintenance on a Copy Machine

You’ve invested in a top quality professional copy machine. It’s your workhorse, pounding out ream after ream of fresh copies. It prints perfect color and black and white documents documents. It also does double duty as your scanner to scan in your important files. It’s an integral part of your daily office operations and essential to a steady smooth flow of communication between customers and your team. Hence, keeping this powerhouse in great working condition is essential. Below is our list of the top ten things to do to maintain your copy machine in mint condition.

1. Keeping the exterior of your copy machine clean. This is the first thing your team and any customers who visit, will see. But it is not just for appearance. It is also hygienic and for safety as you can more easily spot a problem when the copy machine looks different from normal.Wipe the machine with a lint-free cloth.

2. You can keep the copier glass clean using a non-abrasive cloth that is dampened with a glass cleaner. Avoid spraying cleaner right on the glass.

3. When you are scanning or copying documents, be sure to remove any paper clips or staples to prevent any damage to the glass.

4. Keep the inside of the copy machine clean as well. Paper rollers often accumulate dust and toner residue. Keep them clean using a cloth dampened only with water and not any chemicals. Remove dust in cartridge area or from the ink nozzles by using a cotton swab that is slightly damp with water or isopropyl alcohol.

5. Clean paper trays. You can use a thin paintbrush to get into crevices.

6. Also use good quality copy paper to reduce shavings and paper debris.

7. Always load paper in that is dry and clean.

8. Load paper into the machine carefully and do not force it in as that could jam the machine.

9. Regularly replace your copier cartridges.

10. Periodically replace copier supply parts like drum units as they get worn out or break after time.

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