The Value of Print Marketing

The world of business offers several dynamics for companies to consider when they are determining the best way to drive sales. Advancements in technology and most importantly, the growth of the online medium, has caused businesses to shift their focus to nurturing their digital marketing campaigns and steer away from traditional methods of marketing such as print marketing.
What some businesses are failing to realize is that print marketing plays just as much, if not more of a factor into gauging the consumer’s interest as digital marketing. Though it may be true that today’s consumer is typically directly connected to the online world, companies shouldn’t completely ignore the fact that customers are still acquired through traditional means of business marketing. In a 2015 survey, 81 percent of Americans stated that they prefer printed materials over texts or emails. Eliminating print marketing cuts down on office materials and printing supplies, but you can stock up on discount printer supplies to print the marketing materials that just don’t compare online – like brochures and pamphlets.

Companies pour in thousands of marketing dollars into email campaigns, PPC ads, social media ads and text promotions each year. Metrics may show that the best way to reach potential customers is through digital means, but businesses are still finding value in print marketing. Consider the fact that it’s only been in the last decade that digital communication become prevalent for business to consumer interaction. Non-Millennials are used to newspaper ads, mailers and sales flyers. They’re more likely to let an email go unread than a print flyer. With all marketing being centered around converting leads into sales, print marketing is still important for reaching that particular demographic.

Additionally, the digital marketing space has grown more crowded, and customer acquisition techniques are becoming less effective. As a result, print marketing has seen an increase in conversion rates and ROI. Print is much more attractive than digital and consumers enjoy receiving mail in the form of nice postcards, thank you notes, catalogs and flyers.

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