What are Developer Units and how do they work?

If you are like most people, you may not know what a developer unit is and why your printer needs it. However, this part is integral to your printer working properly. Let’s take a closer look at how printers work.

In many printers, the toner hopper, developer and drum assembly are combined together into one replaceable cartridge. The developer unit is the part of the printer that helps in gathering toner from the hopper, which is a small container with removable casing that holds the toner powder. In order to apply toner on to the drum unit, the printer relies upon the developer unit. By keeping your printer and copier parts replenished, you will also be saving toner.

The developer unit consists of a collection of small, negatively charged magnetic beads that are attached to a rotating metal roller. The roller moves the beads through the toner in the toner hopper.

The developer beads are negatively charged and thus attract the positively charged toner particles as they pass through. The roller pushes the beads beyond the drum assembly. When the drum moves over the paper, it grabs the available toner and then disperses it by a corona wire. The paper has to then pass through a heated fuser to keep the toner on the paper.

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