What is the avg. service call fee and how can I save money on servicing my machine?

When you purchase your copy machine, you may have acquired a service contract as well to fix repairs or you may decide to pay per service call visit. Most companies choose to have service contracts so that they have help immediately and can cover unexpected repairs similar to an insurance policy. This may or may not save you money. Having a service contract ensures that you pay a fixed cost however that is paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

If you are billed monthly, your service company will gather the meter reading at the end of each month and multiply the amount of copies by your cost per copy. This type of billing has a fixed monthly billing minimum. For companies that do not create a lot of copies a month, they may choose annual or a quarterly billing.
Cost per Copy
This method is a popular way of figuring out the price. Every time you make a copy, the meter clicks just like the odometer on your car. The average cost per copy is around 1.5 cents per copy. This can vary depending upon how many copies you make per month and the kind of machine you have and the condition it is in.

Service contracts vary in what they cover. For example, some do not cover feeder belts or supplies such as toner, developer, heat rollers and drums. They also may not do repairs for machine breakdowns due to neglect or abuse or getting a paper clip or staple stuck in the machine. Some companies charge extra for each individual accessory like an automatic document feeder, finisher, and large capacity cassettes. In most cases, a service companies will set up your new copier to your network free of charge.

Average pricing is 1.5 cents per copy for black and white and 10 cents per copy for color.

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