What is the best way to service my imaging units?

Periodically, you will find that your copy machine needs replacement parts such as new imaging units. Your copy machine needs functioning imaging units to reproduce high quality images and documents. In addition to ordering your supplies, you will also need to know how to install the units in your copy machine.

Copy machines vary in functionality and complexity but the process of replacing imaging units is quite similar across all brands and machines. You begin by powering the printer off using the power button, which is often located towards the back of machine. It is best to wait until the machine has completed cooled before you install the new imaging units. Depending upon the machine, it may take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to cool down.

Pull out the paper tray. Open the front cover of the machine. You may need to press a button located towards the top to do this. Then lower the transfer belt by pulling on two green tabs. Check for any paper debris that could get lodged in between the gaps of the imaging units. You may need to use a flashlight. Remove any paper lodged in the machine. Then take out the used imaging units from the machine. Be careful that you do not drop the imaging unit as you could spill toner, staining your carpet, clothing or furniture.
Depending upon the type of machine, you will probably see some kind of knob on both sides along the interior of the machine holding the imaging units in place. Turn or twist them to release the imaging units. Pull the old units forward using the pull tabs located on the ends. Take the units up and out of the machine. Avoid touching the transfer belt (usually blue in color).

Remember to avoid putting your new imaging units in direct sunlight or any light source for more than five minutes. Place the imaging units on a flat surface. Cover them with a sheet of paper to minimize light exposure.

Clear all debris away from the laser lens and the imaging unit gears on the side of the unit using a cotton swab or lint-free cloth. Lift up the new imaging unit using the pull tabs on the sides and install it into the machine, lining it up. Push the unit back into the printer and turn the locks on the side to hold the unit in place. Pull the cover out and place it over the imaging unit.  Replace the paper tray and close it shut. Turn the printer on. You will see a message after the machine boots up with “ready to print” or a similar message appear on the LCD display screen. Close the front cover. Your machine is good to go.

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