What to consider when buying a copy machine

When you buy a copy machine, you’ve got to think about your print and copy operations at your office. Copy machines today come in a variety of sizes with different functionality with the more complex the machine, the higher the cost in general. For example, a professional who prints and copies periodically has different needs from an office manager who has large volumes of print and copy orders daily. Whether you need to print out one glossy image or a four-page newsletter or large volumes of black and white copies, it helps to choose the right kind of machine for your projects.

When considering a copy machine, there are several factors to consider. For many business owners, the first and most important question is price. The price of the machine is important as well as the price of toner cartridges, drum units and other copier supplies. Another important aspect to consider is color. Do you want to make color copies? If so, you will need to have four toner and transfer units. If you are printing only black and white copies, you will only need one toner and transfer unit. Black and white copy machines are faster and less expensive than color copy machines. Color copy machines however can produce brilliant color copies for use everyday and everywhere.

It is important to choose a copy machine that suits the business needs of your office. For example, a high volume copy machine is durable to withstand heavy usage. Another factor to consider is speed. If you print out only single copies instead of high volume, you may want a faster copy machine.

Copy machines vary in the sizes they can print and copy. Most copy machines can copy legal size paper (11 x 17 inches). Depending upon your usage, you may also want to connect the copy machine directly to your computer and use it as a direct printer. You will want to check that the copy machine you purchase has that capability (usually via a USB port).

Another function that you may require is print, staple and fold. These functions are more complex, resulting in more expensive machines. However, they offer efficiency, save time and also prevent mistakes and reduce menial tasks.

Copy machine contracts vary greatly. It is important to read them carefully. Sometimes customers have paid for machines in a contract that they continue to make payments on long after the machine has stopped functioning. Hence, stipulating a reasonable period of time for the contract is important. Another thing to consider is leaving supplies off the contract as that would save you money significantly depending upon the number of copies you make per month.

Finally, you will want to consider the copy machine warranty. Does your new machine have a warranty sufficient enough to cover parts and labor for a year after purchase? How and where can you get technical support? It is important that you have customer service locally.

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